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Accessing the Faith-based Support board
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Although this is a secular forum, we understand that some members find that their faith helps them cope with benzodiazepine use, withdrawal and recovery.  Because of this we have provided the Faith-based Support board for members to share their thoughts and feelings.  The private board is available to members only by subscription through your profiles.  Below, you will find guidelines for use of the Faith-based-Support board, as well as instructions for how to subscribe to it.


Updated January 27th, 2020.

BenzoBuddies is a secular community. Most secular online forums expressly disallow religious discussions, as they can be divisive, and attract an element who feel they have the right to proselytize their faith, without respect or regard to the community to which they post.  Conversely, we understand that the faith or religious beliefs of some members helps support them through their benzodiazepine use and withdrawal.  So, pragmatically, we try to accommodate such support and discussion by providing this dedicated board.

Given that BenzoBuddies - a secular community - has provided this space for those members who hold religious beliefs (when most secular forums would simply disallow such content and discussion), we expect participants to abide by a few reasonable guidelines for the benefit of the whole community.

  • Please use this board to describe and discuss how your faith or religious beliefs have helped you to cope with benzodiazepine use, withdrawal or recovery.

  • Posts which fail to respect the beliefs of others, or seek to exclude those with differing values, beliefs or views, are not allowed and will be removed.

  • The simple quoting of scripture will be considered as proselytization and necessarily fails the first two requirements and is expressly disallowed. This does not preclude the inclusion of 'inspirational' scripture as part of a post and discussion.

  • Do not use this space to discuss the particular merits of one faith over another, or the merits of faith vs non-faith.

  • We will be particularly strict in the interpretation of these guidelines for the opening post of a thread/topic, as this post sets the tone for the discussion.

  • Non-faith-based philosophical discussions should be posted to other BenzoBuddies forum boards.

  • For withdrawal-related questions and feedback, please use one of the regular forum boards. You may provide broad-strokes withdrawal support here, but specific or detailed withdrawal-orientated questions, advice or feedback should be posted to the one of the regular withdrawal-dedicated boards.

In short, this space is not to be used to preach your faith or scripture to others. Like the rest of the BenzoBuddies forum, Faith-based Support is a discussion space. So long as your posts and threads are designed to be inclusive, are discussional in tone, and are respectful of other faiths, your contributions to this board should not attract the attentions of the moderation team.

Accessing the Faith-based Support Board

Access to faith-based Support is not automatic. To access the board, please go to:

Profile >> Modify Profile (from the lower menu bar) >> Group Membership >> 'Faith-based Support' >> click 'Request Membership >> add a reason for joining the group in the 'Request Group Membership' box (no detailed explanation required) >> click 'Submit Request'.

The new board will not appear in the board index unless you have joined the Faith-based Support group.

optimist has kindly agreed to moderate the board and manage requests for access (he will have some limited help from regular moderation team members too). Please be patient - access depends upon an appropriate member of the team being available. We anticipate access usually being granted well within 24 hours of your request.

Please be aware that removal of access is a simple operation - please abide by the Faith board guidelines.

If you have previously lost access to the Faith-based Support board, please provide a more fulsome explanation for your reasons for requesting return of access to the board.

Please read the Faith-based Support board guidelines before posting there.

Thank you.
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