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Thats my problem, whats benzo withdrawl, what is something else.  drs don't have a clue either way.  A lot of people take these benzos for life with no problems and thats what drs see, others have problems, and then they act like its no big deal to come off.  Screw that. 
[...], yes if we are having benzo cramping withdrawl, we are more of the worse cases.  Nausea and pain is just so constant it is agonizing,  hard to do much.  Radiates through to my back so even sitting in the car car hurt.  I get tired of even complaining about it.  Probably should try to complain less, but sometimes it helps, I don't know.  I've tried about everything.
I am trying to treat the derpession with an antidepresssant, Ashton says thats ok.  I am still taking Elavil at night to help sleep too and the dr is hoping it might help relax the colon or musclse pain, wherever it is coming from.  I don't know how long one has to take that before it helps, probably a few weeks which seems like forever.  It is a very low dose 20mg Elavil.
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