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Writing Style and Editing of Posts by Moderators
« on: June 30, 2008, 10:51:09 pm »

Our membership is very varied, of mixed abilities with language, and some members who's first language is something other than English. On top of this, many people find it much more difficult to write in a coherent manner when withdrawing from benzos. On the other side, those reading the post (who are also withdrawing from benzos) can find it difficult to follow even the best organised and presented material because of their benzo-induced fog.

We encourage members to make use of paragraphs and to keep introductions to a reasonable length. We will get to know each other over time anyway. When making a post, there is a 'spell check' button - please make use of it - I nearly always do so!

Please don't be offended if, from time-to-time, a moderator feels that a post would benefit from some modest restructuring and/or spelling corrections. Poorly structured posts are difficult to read at the best of times - a better organised post will likely receive more replies. ;)

Thank you.
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