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Hi there all.

Whilst my brain can handle it I will put out this post for those interested (still cog fogged, but pushing myself!!!).

I am nearly 21 months out & in the "Protracted Group".  For most of the first 17 months I was researching night & day (I pushed myself so enormously hard even though I couldnt think straight, as only other benzo survivors will understand, especially the nearly cold turkiers!!!).  After that long I finally gave up & figured I should listen to the "the only thing that heals is time" thing, after trialling all sorts of supps & different methodologies (bar magnesium & Vit C which helped me immensely).

So here I am at nearly month 21 getting BACK into research for the original causes of Anxiety/Depression.  What I've learnt in the past week is staggering.  Apparently if our hormones are out of whack (mine always have been!!!) this ALONE can be the ROOT CAUSE of severe Anxiety & Depression.  (I was diagnosed with GAD-Generalized Anxiety Disorder & Treatment Resistant Depression & also EXTREMELY sensitive to all the meds/drugs they gave me-well duh, they were drugs, not natural!!!).

Anyway, now I am no Doc, NOR am I scientifically minded AT ALL so I'll have to put this basically, as its the only way I understand it - if the hormones are out of balance (creating Estrogen dominance ETC), this in turn affects the Thryoid Gland (also contributing to depression) and also Blood Sugar Levels (Hypoglycemia which ALSO causes Mood Swings ETC) ALL CAUSING/LEADING TO more anxiety & depression.    However blood tests nowdays simply do NOT show these imbalances with hormones AND/OR thryoid (according to Dr John R Lee, MD), but saliva tests can.

Conventional doctors "protocol" nowdays simply dont have the time (grr we ARE paying them!) to look into root causes anymore, only treating the symptoms.  (There is no money in cures nowdays anyway is there?!! And they are all taught basically the same thing - drug protocols).  Anyway, apparently if you supplement your body with NATURAL Progesterone Cream (as Pioneered by Dr John R Lee, MD) this has MANY "follow on" affects & BENEFITS to other organs & systems in the body - for women AND men with Anxiety & Depression, Energy Levels, all sorts!!! (If 1 is out of whack, they're ALL going to be suffering/struggling).

So I would like to put a link to his website so anyone interested can read/research for themselves.  I am in no way trying to promote his website & am not even connected with it.  I live in New Zealand for a start!  I am merely trying to solve my own original problems that lead me finally to the path of hellish benzo addiction & withdrawal (& all the OTHER damaging psych drugs I was given too!).  I am not naiive enough to believe everything I read, in fact quite the opposite, I am VERY skeptical, have been for a long time!

But after many years of trying to sort out my own hormone, anxiety&depression problems through the medical system, being told alot of it was "in your head"  :tickedoff: doing ALOT of self-education & research, AND paying loads for natural alternative stuff that never quite fully helped, this "picture" is all now starting to fall into place for me!  So I would like to put this down for anyone who is interested in looking into it themselves as the root cause of perhaps their own anxiety/depression.

He is a world pioneer in his field & on natural progesterone therapy.  I've just done my Saliva Test for Progesterone levels recently & cant wait for the results.  I may yet get other hormone levels tested too, as I'm a firm believe in "trusting/following your gut insticts/intuition 100%!"  I KNOW there is/has been something wrong with my hormones, energy levels, sleep (waking up comatose), memory, concentration ETC ALL my life.  One could say this is merely anxiety/depression...however Doctor John R Lee, explains it ALOT better than I ever could, on getting to the root cause.

I am still suffering extremely badly (mentally/emotionally now more than physically thank God) from the damage the benzos & all the other psych drugs I was given (& an effectively 3/4 doc induced cold turkey from giving me the wrong crossover equivalency dose from Clonazepam to Diazepam). 

However I AM healing, albeit very dishearteningly slowly.  Daily I still struggle with wanting to give up because its so hard living with brain/CNS damage!!! I know I am lucky to be alive (even if I dont feel it), & even though I am still suffering so badly (Even tho still extremely DP/blunted, I am EXTREMELY grateful for what HAS healed/gone thats for sure!!!).

I believe God preserved my life for a reason.  I firmly believe "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing & expecting a different result" too.  So I now know the extreme hard way, psych drugs & benzos are not for me, nor will they ever cure ANYTHING, they only ADD to people's nightmares....eventually.  Thank God our brains/bodies DO heal. :angel:  I feel I am on the "right track" (path) now to solving perhaps my original root causes of anxiety/depression.  I will CERTAINLY be reporting back here if the Progesterone Cream works for me (you have to get it by Prescription Only here, however if I cant get it here I will order it from the net).  The only thing that makes me realize I might be on the right track was going back ON my synthetic hormonal pill recntly (after months of eradicating it) & feeling a SLIGHT improvement in thinking/concentration (altho its still very bad).

I do realize I need to be SUPER CAUTIOUS with what I put into my body (as I am!) in such a super fragile, hypersensitive state  :sick:, however, as with anything, I will try a little & see how I go.  No risk, no reward. Courageous trial & error.  I've prayed for Courage & clear guidance on what to do for me personally, so I sure hope this is PART of the solution.  I believe when trying to find answers to extremely complex problems - its always a "blend" of answers/solutions, rather than just 1 thing.  I believe if you find a key, cure or something that works, that info just HAS to be shared.

I've pushed extremely to write this post for the sake of helping others.  I pray all you men & women that are trying to survive this beyond hellish nightmare be given the strength to endure, and the guidance to know what to do for you personally & when to do it for your own road to FULL healing.

Much Love, Healing & Prayers to you ALL....Sincerely, Ruth xoxooxxo

Postscript - Obviously because I am still healing myself & need to pace myself, I wont be able to keep up with replying, but would certainly enjoy reading your replies/feedback.  Hope this helps you guys!!!
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