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Anyone with experience using Ora-plus or other plain suspension fluids to taper?

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Of my options this may be the best as I can't drink milk either and you aren't kidding about pharmacies/doctors not understanding what doesn't appear to be that complex a request.  That said, if you are still around to answer questions, how much do you make at any one time?  Preferably I could make a weeks worth or even more if possible.  How long does it keep? are you refrigerating or leaving it out? And finally I know you said it was consistent and smoother for you but I'm needing reassurance <grin> that it truly was/is.   So any reassurance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 

I attempted to mix with 1 mg V with hemp milk and it was a dismal failure and that was before I even reduced.  I wanted to see if there was a difference and get acclimated before I began the titration.  And there was a BIG difference after only one night even tho the dose was exactly the same.  I simply liquified 1 mg to 1 ml  in the hemp milk and took my regular dose and felt it the next day as if I had cut 1 mg which is what happens when I cut way too much, I can feel it day one.  This tells me if had continued it was only going to slide hard and fast for the next 9-10 days.

So again, that reassurance thing lol.  Not looking for guarantees, just that it really did work for you.

Thank you

Hi [...],

I'm here & happy to help.  It is working for me, I'm on my third bottle and it seems to be working fine.  Below are links to ora-plus info sheets.

The only problem I can imagine with this way is if you are math phobic... and don't live with someone who can calculate for you.  I'll do my best to explain.  Math is only needed once a month, but important to get right.

1) It keeps for one month refrigerated.  If you travel or work, take a freezer pack.

2) It stays completely suspended, (though give it a small shake before using), so you never have to worry about having an incomplete or uneven dose.

3) Most of your doses will be a fraction of a milliliter (very small)

Ora-plus pdfs
(   This is a sweetener,  but I don't find it necessary.    (

Starter instructions on ora-plus:

Equipment needed:
1 pint of Ora-plus (Amazon (pricey) or local pharmacy (cvs carries it) much cheaper)
mortar and pestle
1ml oral syringe (needless - free or very inexpensive at drug stores)
20 ml (larger is fine) oral syringe  (amazon, pharmacy or pet store)
1 small (the smallest) glass baby food jar
Wax paper (or Saran Wrap)
1 wide mouth cup
1 small flexible spatula (if available)
1 or 2 chop sticks or small knife (for stirring)
Tape, paper and marker for label [date and ratio of ora-plus to benzo]

Before beginning decide your ratio of pills to liquid. For example, I'll use 3:1. 60 ml ora-plus to 20 mg clonazepam pills. The small baby food jar holds 60 ml nicely and the shortness of the jar allows you to get syringe doses when you reach the bottom.  

1) To begin, I pulverize 20 (1 mg) pills in the mortar

2) Pour a 1/2 cup or so of ora-plus into wide mouth cup.  [for ease of extracting with large syringe]

3) Use 1ml syringe to draw out 1 ml of ora-plus a from your cup and add to pill powder in mortar.

4) Stir it with spatula, stick or knife. 

5) Add 1 or 2 more ml ora-plus until powder all sticks together.  KEEP TRACK of how many ml used so far.

6) Move glob of benzo mixture to glass jar.  

7) Add 1 ml of ora-plus to the empty mortal and use spatula to scrape clean into jar. (again KEEP TRACK of ml)

8) Use large syringe and add 10 ml (KEEP TRACK) to jar with benzo glob in and stir until liquidy.

9) Using large syringe draw ora-plus from wide mouth cup. That is [60 ml less all the ml you've been KEEPING TRACK :) of]  and add to benzo mixture in glass jar, stir.  

You have your mixture!

Pour remaining ora-plus in cup back into original container.
Wash syringes, mortar and pestle, cup and spatula.  Put away until next month.  Keep out 1ml syringe and butter knife for daily doses.

almost done

Now, label jar with "ratio used" and "today's date". To be safe you can also write "keep refrigerated"  "exp. date," "keep away from light,"  and "shake!"  (I keep mine no longer than a month, I spoke to several pharmacists and was told this was a safe timeline given that I don't know clonazepam's specifics.)

Use a small square of wax paper and place between the jar and the lid to prevent the rim from caking with benzo.  

At dose time, give the jar a little shake.  Screw off lid and hold the dripping wax paper over the jar and use a butter knife (or similar) to encourage the droplets back into the jar.  Put a fresh square of wax paper and seal jar.

I keep the jar, syringe, and butter knife together in the back of a fridge drawer.

There is no toss.  Use 1ml syringe to draw out your dose for that portion of the day.  I stay at the same dose for 4-12 days.  When it is time to change the dose, just draw out the new amount.  


I keep a note pad handy so after I take a dose I tic dose amount and time of day.

Travel from home with a freezer bag with your jar & syringe (and little knife to clean the wax paper)

This is a general outline, it can differ for everyone's unique needs.

Thank you so much for all of this.  I may get off this poison yet! 

I made some modifications after I originally posted.

Please ask any questions. 

Quick question...

I have 10 mg, 5 mg and 2 mg tablets of V.  I no longer use the 10's since the 5's & 2's meet my dosing needs.   I have a boatload of 10's that are simply gathering dust.  After confirming that they are the same manufacturer any thoughts on benefits or risks of using 1 10mg vs 2 5mg vs 5 2mg as far as getting the same distribution in the oraplus?

I know I'm getting into the minutia but it's the first time I've felt fully in control of this taper.  The positive is I can do it EXACTLY as I want/need to.  The negative is I still have to do

Thanks again!



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