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I'm glad to have found this post. I recently began taking Ibuprofen for 4-5 days for kidney stone pain and began developing a myriad of symptoms that seemingly came out of nowhere and took me awhile to connect the dots to Ibuprofen.

I began to develop insomnia, severe anxiety, depersonalization, panic, loss of appetite, dizziness, headaches, confusion, profuse sweatong, chills and shaking, abdominal pain and discomfort/bloating, heartburn and stomach acid, the list goes on.

Before taking the Ibuprofen, I was in a great place in my WD. I had all but beaten my anxiety for the most part, sleep came easily throughout my entire WD, I was being social and enjoying my life.

It feels like everything just suddenly fell apart after the Ibuprofen.

If anyone has experienced this, how long can I expect these symptoms to persist, before I return to normal?
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