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J&J shot and covid booster
« on: October 17, 2022, 12:03:15 pm »

I received my J&J shot in April of 2021 and found out that they had paused it the following morning. This was a very stressful experience since health anxiety has been one of my worst symptoms. I ended up not receiving a booster after this. I am now scheduled to get the new Covid booster tomorrow morning and am feeling extremely anxious. My main symptom with the first shot was an extremely sore arm for two weeks and I did have a low fever for a couple of hours. I keep reading about how most people have received at least two shots prior to the updated booster and am worried about the potential side effects. This coupled with the lack of available human trial data is causing me to question whether I should go through with the shot or hold off a bit. Is anyone in this position or know anyone who has a similar history with the vaccine and has gotten the new booster?
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