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Re: Is my symptoms benzo related?
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It's OK [...]. It is understandable that after a horrible experience with benzos one would become disillusioned with pharmaceuticals as a whole. However the focus of this site is helping people get off of benzodiazepines (who have made the choice themselves), not to cause guilt about not living a naturalist lifestyle on other members.

Over 1 year into my recovery, I made the difficult choice to get on an AD and although I was told to take caution, the others members were understanding of my situation and I appreciated their support regardless of whether I chose to or not. I improved 4 weeks later, but that does not mean I will advocate for AD use during withdrawal anymore than I will advocate that people must be off, and avoid, all medications.

I know you were speaking out of frustration, but denying that a member's medical condition, or symptoms of that condition, exists can be just as frustrating as when doctors or family deny post-acute benzo withdrawal exists.

Your intentions are good, so please continue to support those in need.  :thumbsup:
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