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I suffered unnecessarily for 5 years! I had severe histamine issues and was going in and out of anaphylaxis because of FEAR. Stop living in fear and get some things to give you relief. I am so glad I did I have my life back, and I am happy again and loving life again. I finally tried Benadryl, histaminx (probiotic), cromolyn to stabalize my mast cells and I use marijuana every day. I never thought I would see the day of light again until I started trying things. So from my experience you donít need 500 supplements but the willingness to try something. I was suffering so bad that it didnít matter if I reacted to trying things because I reacted to everything to begin with. I no longer have any food reactions and my chemical sensitivity has gotten so much better. I am 5 years off benzos now. I started Benadryl in October and  cromolyn and marijuana this January. I have been just getting more and more better.
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