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"A-TAPER: A Framework for Deprescribing Medications effectively"


Inappropriate medication use creates avoidable safety issues for older adults. Deprescribing medications that are high risk and/or of minimal benefit is important for reducing morbidity and adverse effects, especially in this population. A variety of deprescribing resources and algorithms are available, but a singular framework to effectively approach and implement the deprescribing of unnecessary medications in practice does not exist. An interprofessional team of pharmacists, geriatricians, and researchers developed a framework to guide providers in deprescribing medications. This framework is represented by the acronym A-TAPER, which stands for Assess medication use, Talk about risks versus benefits, select Alternatives, Plan next steps, Engage patient, and Reduce dose. Within this framework, comprehensive, medication-specific deprescribing toolkits can be created.

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