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Re: "dependence" is now a Substance Use Disorder?
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This is why "physical dependence" is better than dependence.

I also thought so at first, but not if they use "physical dependence" and "psychological dependence" to mean just the two sub-categories of "substance dependence".

Like the APA, The International Classification of Diseases also classifies "substance dependence" as a "mental and behavioural disorder."

So this begs the obvious question of whether still using these "redefined" terms is akin to signing up to be diagnosed with a mental disease.

If they insist that having withdrawal symptoms from prescribed medications taken as directed is not a substance use disorder, but that having physical dependence is part of a substance use disorder, then it would seem to be wrong to use that term of dependence when talking about prescribed medications taken as directed.

I actually agree that having extremely severe withdrawal symptoms from prescribed medications is not a disorder (not a problem with the patient). But is it not a type of a drug injury (a problem with the drug)?

The DSM stuff is talked about a bit in this blog:

I think it's neurological damage.

That's very interesting. Thanks for sharing that link.
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