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In the April 4, 2022 podcast linked below, DE Foster (see note) introduces the term Benzodiazepine-Induced Neurological Dysfunction (BIND).  He discuss what it means, where it came from, and why he believes it is important.

Benzodiazepine-Induced Neurological Dysfunction (BIND) — An Introduction
(The ‘What is BIND’ segment begins at 25:18.)

D E Foster is the founder of Easing Anxiety, host of The Benzo Free Podcast, and author of the book Benzo Free: The World of Anti-Anxiety Drugs and the Reality of Withdrawal. He is also Co-Chair and a founding member of the Benzodiazepine Action Work Group (BAWG) at the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention.  In January 2022, BAWG published a helpful, up-to-date, evidence-based Benzodiazepine Deprescribing Guidance Document for prescribers that has been endorsed by the Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices and the Benzodiazepine Information Coalition.
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