Author Topic: Caught Between a Paradox and Withdrawal - Revisited. Simplified.  (Read 337 times)


It is my firm belief that anywhere from 10-30% of the people who are
told they are in tolerance withdrawal and asked to do an Ashton taper
were actually paradoxical to the drug, and "not" in tolerance at all.

And this percentage makes for the bulk of the severely protracted.


Those that were cold-turkey, were experiencing paradoxical reactive
states prior to cold-turkey. Same deal.

This paradoxical reaction was doing damage to the central nervous system.

The large bulk of the posters and commenters online make up that
10-30%, but appear to be nearly all!

And this is due to their severity. The others mostly watch until their
conventional withdrawal is over, then leave. Usually overwhelmed.

I spent 26 months in all reacting. 20 of it was tapering.

See my other post for an explanation.
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