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Re: how have benzos affected your sexuality (crushed it or constant arousal)
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Hi a charity benzo group said benzs can make you sexually aroused. I cant stand it. As I said when switched from clon x 1 to diaz every night I was but luckily fell asleep. Cant understand why now since off Zopiclone do I go high wide awake eating my porridge carbs any fruit cherries and custard go bed take my 1 x clon and thrashing around like mad sleep then wake calm then legs start and I'm sexually hyper cant lay still but same time feel weak..I can get up pee and so tired cant sleep and the  it starts from 4.30 to 8 and I often cant climax have no energy but it calms me to try. Then I am even more tired. Never had it like this waking. I wake screaming out of frustration..I cant take this anymore....I'm in pain whatever I eat. I've list weight and look 93 shrivelled prune. I told gp but she just shrugged. When switched to diaz 2020 each cut my insides were burning and even more hyper sexual going to bed not waking. I wish I'd never come off the zop and mirtaz. I'm still on 0.5 clon at night. I'm so so tired I'm prediabetic and think now diabetic cos I've eaten crap . My fault. I can get up and barely function walk legs often feel twisted feet floppy. I never had sneezing coughing sore throat itching ears hiss till off Mirtazapine . I feel exhausted worn down and at 73 I cant go on like this. Nothings changed in 7 months off zop and mirtaz. I see thanks someone has these hyper arousal but still cant find anyone who goes high eating carbs etc off Zopiclone. And yes to whom suggested homeopathy I might try. I told a gp 2020 about the hyper s but she wasnt much help and when I said I hate it she said people youd generation can do!!!
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