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I am sorry you had the virus but it is also great to read that the recovery is going pretty well for you. I had covid in September and still struggle with some consequences.

It was for a little bit then I crashed hard. Now it's like I've had a stroke or come off benzos again. Same mechanism of action. I've learned that it's due to vagus nerve damage, scarring in brain, and re-activated old viruses (I had dengue some years ago). It's very very much like a benzo injury. At least I KNOW I can heal that. I know what to do. It's meditation, rest, more rest, sitting in the sunshine and fresh air, battling to take care of myself on a daily basis when I don't feel I can (hard to get up), and heaps of self compassion, understanding and love. I've also gone keto and lost like 15-20# the past four days, no joke. That's how much inflammation and water retention/weight was in my body. One woman put it like having a stroke. Yes. Brain damage is serious!

That's kind of how it was for me too.  There was a period of time in the month right after I had the virus that I thought I was going to get well.  Then I crashed hard.  Months 3 and 4 were hideous.  Some days it feels like I'm making progress, but I still get nasty waves.  This is so hard!
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