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Re: anyone else have FEAR as a primary symptom?
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I really do sympathise but can I make a suggestion?

If you're going to use all capitals for words like "fear" and "terror", you are amplifying the problem. You're validating how big the fear and terror are by emphasising them. In fact, every time you utter how terrified you are, you are hardwiring that into your brain. I know that this might sound a little strange and you probably feel like nothing makes a difference anyway, so what does it matter? But I promise promise promise that it really does matter how you choose to frame the problem. I'm not saying don't ever talk about it. We all need to get things off our chest and express ourselves, but it is not wise to add extra emphasis when it's not needed.

The fear and terror feel very real but if you are safe, you can be sure it's only your nerves misfiring. It does get better. It did for me and many others here. So If you can stick things out, you WILL get better. That is the story that you need to emphasise more. That these feelings are false and due to benzo withdrawal, and that logically you will get better in time, and that it will be easier if you can try to tell yourself this positive story that has a happy ending. I hope this helps some.
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