Author Topic: need a bit of support from any glasgow/scottish based users who sought help  (Read 150 times)


for a little bit about my situation here is my introduction

 I am terrified of going to go my worker as even before covid I could barley leave the house and now with my mother moving in my fear is I will tell them and they will offer little help and simply put me on daily methadone pick ups risking giving my mother and birds covid. it terrifies me and I just don't know what to do. if anyone could give me an idea on how they might deal with a situation like mine I would be much appreciated in your time. I thought I was strong enough to get off myself but I am constantly in wds now on the dose i am at and recently moved up from 2mg back to 3 but i want to stop that and go back quickly and figure this out. but if they are actually able to offer proper help on tapering and maybe offer me a safer situation with my mum moving in I would tell them in a heart beat as I am now starting to lose my sight and waiting for eye and brain scans and I fear I am running out of time before my health catches up with me. I am sorry if this is all incoherent and hard to follow I rarely sleep now and I am in constant mood changes from manic crying and laughter to just staring at the walls I am so fearful of what is to come and covid has made this all so, so much harder. I just need a way out because I cant keep relying on online medications that may or may not come and once my mother moves in i simply will not risk ordering them and having her find them or have the police at the door shaming her. i have an appointment with my drug doctor this monday im so tempted to tell him the whole story of self medicating and then getting addicted but i just dont know what to do. thank you for your time and i hope you are all safe and well during these trying times.
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