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Guidelines & Rules Regarding the Use and Promotion of Medicines and Drugs

Our aim is to allow members the freedom to properly describe their full and true situation, but at the same time prevent overly florid descriptions of illicit, recreational or abusive drug use that have the potential to cause the wider membership harm or distress.

Since most of our members have dependency/addiction issues with benzodiazepines, and our stated mission is to help them quit, we must disallow content that discourages them from this goal, or encourages behaviour that might lead to a new dependency or addiction. Therefore:

  • Do not promote illegal drug use. Nor should you describe drug paraphernalia, exalt positive experiences, or glorify their use. Please keep descriptions factual and dispassionate.

  • Do not promote the abuse (or illegal or inappropriate use) of medicines.

  • Do not promote addictive (or habit forming) substances as withdrawal adjunctives.

With the above points and guidance in mind, you may discuss your use of medicines and illicit drugs as they pertain to benzodiazepine use and withdrawal. Additionally, please understand that because our focus is benzodiazepine withdrawal, the collective knowledge of our membership about drugs and medicines other than benzodiazepines will be limited.
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