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Benzo Abuse and Cold Turkey
« on: July 19, 2020, 05:11:57 pm »
This site has been beneficial in the plethora of information that I have been able to read over the week. However, what is lacking on this site is a steady stream of replies to posts and finding someone(s) who has a similar experience to mine. I abused Ambien, which I believe to have caused all of these symptoms over the last month. But, the reasoning behind the abuse was that a combination of Lamictal and Buspar made me physically ill and after six months of doctors not being able to tell me what was wrong, I found relief in Ambien. I have read a couple of stories on Ambien abuse, but it is always men who weigh over 200 lbs, so I feel that their abuse probably didn't cause as much trouble as mine of taking 100 mg almost daily on a petite 5'0 frame.

I would like buddies who also abused Ambien and quit cold turkey and did not just take it for a sleep aid as prescribed. Although I think it would be better to find females who abused Ambien, I welcome this support group to all including other benzo abuse. My fear of recovering is that I abused the benzo and quit cold turkey. Most everyone on this site took the benzo as prescribed and tapered with help of a doctor.
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