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Describing your pain?
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Pain Words?

Over the years I have had a lot of pain but the contracture and rigidity and feeling like all muscles have turned to fibrotic ribber and that my body is literally crushing itself is different than other pain I have experienced even when that pain has been very severe.

So, I was wondering how those with pain in WD describe their pain.

Below is a list of pain words to help.

Please describe your pain using these words or others you find more useful and say where it is in your body, whether or is constant or comes and goes etc.


General Pain Words

flickering, quivering, pulsing, throbbing, beating, pounding
jumping, flashing, shooting
pricking, boring, drilling, stabbing
sharp, cutting, lacerating
pinching, pressing, growing, cramping, crushing
tugging, pulling, wrenching
hot, burning, scalding, searing
tingling, itchy, smarting, stinging
dull, sore, hurting, aching, heavy
tender, taut, rasping, splitting
tiring, exhausting
sickening, suffocating
fearful, frightful, terrifying
punishing, gruelling, cruel, vicious, killing
wretched, blinding
annoying, troublesome, miserable, intense, unbearable
spreading, radiating, penetrating, piercing
tight, numb, drawing, squeezing, tearing
cool, cold, freezing
nagging, nauseating, agonising, dreadful, torturing
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