Author Topic: Infections (cold/flu to chronic like EBV etc), cytokines, setbacks, waves  (Read 143 times)


It's universally accepted that colds and the flu and other viruses affect our symptoms. We think this could be because of cytokines affecting hormones and neurotransmitters etc. Do we have any literature or idea of how long this cytokine increase lasts for? Some people report a few days and others say it takes weeks to return to baseline. Also, what are your thoughts on chronic infections like EBV, HIV, HHV-X, CMV, Hepatitis, Lyme, etc? Most of us have EBC, CMV, HHV-1-7 but it doesn't affect us unless we are immunocompromised (from WD perhaps). I don't really have any specific questions other that that but I wanted to open up discussion about this if anyone has anything to share.
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