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Ativan Symptoms Questions
« on: November 15, 2019, 07:43:46 am »
I had a question about symptoms.

Took .5mg Ativan every 3-5 days for about a month and then daily for about 1.5 months. At the end of that 1.5 months I started having insane bouts of anxiety, extreme dizziness and bad nausea so I started cutting because I assumed I hit tolerance very fast?

I got down to .35mg in about 2 weeks, partially by accident.

I am actually struggling incredibly at the moment.

I have incredible uncontrollable anger and intense suicidal thoughts. Is this usually wd symptoms or sxs of Ativan?
Iím suffering from really bad anxiety (big surprise right) does the anxiety usually pick up after a cut and then get better?
Sometimes I wake up and my body and face are completely numb. Usually wd or sx?
I feel like I have no memory and as if my mind I just a big mess. Usually wd or sx?

Probably horrible questions but just wanted to see what people thought from their experiences.

Any suggestions on taper speed based on dose and length of time? Thinking of doing dmlt once things get a little more stable and settle down.
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