Author Topic: Benzo withrawl menapouse and anxiety  (Read 196 times)


Benzo withrawl menapouse and anxiety
« on: October 09, 2019, 09:56:55 am »
Iím 41 months out benzo 19 months out remeron and 11 months out hormones.
Iím in menapouse 2 years now.
Not taking anything only natural thyroid medication.
Still have very high anxiety, my head is buzzing nonstop and feels like electricity goes trough in my brain all the time. I have burning scalp very painful to touch my scalp. Bad tinnitus.
My body feels numb and thingling  and I feel very tired crying a lot. Canít sleep, all my symptoms gets worse during night.
Iím not sure all those symptoms are benzo withrawl or remeron withrawl or hormones withrawl....

My questions is to all  menapouse ladies, how are you feeling and any of you going trough a very hard time even if you are off all medication even hormones?
How you dealing with severe anxiety?
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