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Meds for anxiety and depression? Any natural healing?
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 I am little confused about these meds and what they are supposed to help? Why should meds that are supposed to help anxiety and depression then lead to anxiety and depression sometimes? Or other side effects? Shouldn`t any healing be natural? I mean, you might take something that leads to depression, and then another to help the depression, which may have further side effects? That sounds crazy; that is why some of the natural alternatives I mentionned in my last post should at least be looked into?As far as my anxiety  and depression, it is pretty clear that they were as a result of traumas in my life, especially having to find new housing after living somewhere for 25 years, and then  living with a good guy but who is also high strung. I remember that the day we got the news that we had to leave this apartment I started to melt down psychologically. And then the  two months that I lived with a mentally unstable person, and there was lots of noise, I melted down again, after a natural recovery from the apartment eviction trauma. Then I entered a mental hospital for 5 weeks, the second time in 6 months. Not to mention the understandable panic and worry of having a potentially very tormenting ear handicap.Plus the need to have relief from the disorder of the handicap itself sometimes.

Anyways , we shall see if a lot of this anxiety and depression dissapears when I find a new permanent place to stay. If not I will look into these meds as possible causes, unless some flagrant symptoms develop, which has never happenned.

I now have a new worry: I asked my psychiatrist  for an anti-depressant that is not on a list for possible ototoxic side effects (he gave me Zoloft). Ototoxic equals adverse effects on the ears, the other one he prescribed was on that list and I refused it much to his mild annoyance.  And before that I had tried yet another anti- depressant Remeron, which I took in the psych ward which had no effect on me, and no withdrawal symptoms after 5 weeks of use. I would ordinarily try to avoid all these drugs, but after a year of moderate depression without anti-depressant use, I am getting fed up, especially since I need energy to survive and do a lot of other important things to me. I need a new place to live, and it is hard to muster the energy, complicated by the fact of this ear problem which restricts where I can live. And I am 64 years old! I am also worried of any possible side effects or future  withdrawal efects from this Zoloft

Lastly I suppose most of you originally took these meds for chronic anxiety, depression, perhaps psychosis. Now that you are off of them, or taperering off, how do you now cope naturally with any recurrent anxiety and depression?

Thanks again.

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