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Hi [...],

Your story is truly inspiring!
Congratulations and thank you for giving hope to others!

What drug did they use for anethesia for your surgery lately? Did you have any side effects from it?

I'm planning a back surgery in the middle of tapering off valium with severe wd. I'm in huge concern about how my body reacts to anethesia meds.

Wishing you the best in all aspects of your new life!

Hi, thanks for the good wishes!!!

I'm not sure what kind of benzo they used when they knocked me out for the surgery..?  I would advise not making a big deal of it, as I had said that to a doctor and now, on my medical record it says I was a benzo addict. 

Basically, I think the benzo and all of the other drugs they have you on for a surgery will make us a bit more spacey for a while, but I don't think it will set us back too far..

Best of luck with back surgery and please just make sure you ask lots of questions, and get second or 3rd opinions - my first simple surgery was botched completely and that set me back significantly!!!  (in hindsight, i wish i'd just asked lots of questions, and not assumed anything, or trusted that doctor..)

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