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New and trying to get rid of anxiety naturally
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I was on Paxil 60mg a day , 60 mg of Norco , 8 mg of Xanax a day . or 1800mg of Paxil along with 1800mg of hydrocodone 10-325's and 240mg milligrams of Xanax a Month  ... I was living in some kind of dope fueled [ my own little world ] for about ten years . Did wild and crazy stuff , said things/did things , got myself into a bunch of legal trouble & it got really really bad when the  doctor cut me off xanax cold turkey of 240 mg a month & i  really when nutz flipped out on all my friends , neighbors , family , basically anyone i came in contact with . I lost everything good jobs , cars , all my money , anything worth money . basically my entire life has been ruined from these drugs . And i can see i am not alone ;( . I am on probation now as i mention before i flipped out & went and beat on someones door & they thought i was trying to break in & i got a attempted home invasion charge .. the  hallucinations were really bad & i thought i was at my house , it turns out i wasn't . I have a lot of medical problems & conditions due to being on all these drugs , due for surgery in two months . My question is has anyone been on all three of these medications & the amounts i was on all at the same time  & is there anything that i can take over the counter to make all of this anxiety go away ?? i am afraid of taking another pill from a doctor , i think they're all about making money & could care less about me you or anyone else to be perfectly honest with you . I have no idea why i am still alive from the toxic mixture or why the police didn't shoot me .. 
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