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Re: Positive Feedback Please - Who felt improvements as they tapered?
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This is a great thread!
The first part of my reduction was tough but something happened when I got under .75. Symptoms were much less. The lower I go the more clarity I have and feel more like myself.  I have had some new symptoms pop up but nothing that isn't tolerable. The rapid heart rate nausea, shaking, have not appeared in weeks.  I rarely have an anxiety wave and if I do they are mild and don't last more than a few minutes and I just keep doing whatever I am doing. I am enjoying life again and doing the things I love.

I believe part is psychological for sure. Not only have I gone down in dose but I am committed every day to be as positive as possible. Accepting my symptoms as my CNS and brain fighting to heal.  Enjoying windows and symptom free days and not fearing the next wave.

Thanks for this thread.
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