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Iím currently on a maintenance dose of baclofen of 120mg per day. 12pm/40mg 3pm/40mg6pm/40mg. I have been on this maintenance level for over a year now since I 'switched' at 240mg in Feb. 2017 and no longer had alcohol cravings. Iím totally indifferent to alcohol now. I can have a beer, but generally I donít really drink anymore. Thanks entirely to & Dr Stafford who helped me with my titration etc as the drug is not prescribed in the UK for alcohol dependence. She advised me where to buy it online as it lost its patent years ago and is readily available by many manufacturers. I pay £12 for 100 pills. I used to spend £30/40 a day on wine!

Unfortunately, I naturally had sleep issues when I switched ( I was drinking 3/4 bottles of wine every day for 15 years ) and for the last year I have been taking xanax ONLY for sleep reasons . The baclofen is anti craving and also an anxiolytic so it helps with my daytime anxiety, and I guess replaces any xanax withdrawal symptoms during the day. I currently take 1.25mg xanax and 50 mg Valium at bedtime. I was taking 6mg xanax last sept and have slowly tapered over to Valium. My plan is to soon start reducing the xanax by 0.125mg every 2/3 weeks , and not taper with anymore Valium. Eventually I will end up with 50mg Valium per night to then start a taper from. All fine. However, the more read I about baclofen and its effects on GABA b and benzos on GABA a, im becoming more curious about the possibility of 'swapping' my xanax dose with a dose of baclofen. Is there anyone out there who could answer whether I could swap my bedtime dose of 1.25mg X with say 40mg baclofen?

Im planning on staying on baclofen for at least another year ( on the advice from Dr Stafford) before I start a slow titration to the point whereby my cravings may appear again, then in which case I increase slightly the dose and stay at that level. I have NO side effects at all from my daily dose of baclofen, and Iím happy to stay at this dose as my life before I discovered baclofen was hell. Also my anxiety is zero because of the daytime dosage of baclofen.

Any comments warmly welcome whose experienced baclofen for alcohol withdrawal  :)
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