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Hi [...]
so ive had id say 5/6 decent sleeps from 10pm all the way through to sometimes 530am, but mostly 430-5am since i started taking the 1.25x at 730-8pm and the valium at 10pm when i got to sleep . ( you suggested an hr before but i thought id try 3 hrs before as Xanax is so short life in effect ). So your suggestion seems to have worked to an extent so thank you . i guess the dose of 50mg valium at 10pm just overwhelms the wearing off of the xanax and i continue sleeping. the sleeping is as always primarily REM sleep, so i do feel tired still all day as i'm not really get DEEP sleep but any sleep whether REM or not helps keep me positive about everything and my journey with coming of benzos.

im about to start this friday dropping the xanax from 1.25 to 1.125mg with NO valium substitute .
lets see how its goes , but i'm also going to continue with taking it about 3 hrs before my valium bedtime dose off 50mg.
will keep you updated !
many thnx again [...]
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