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Re: My Anxiety is gone after I used codeine cough Syrup!
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I do not advocate using opiates to get through benzo withdrawal.

They may or may not mask symptoms, but just like benzos, with opiates, tolerance increases, and wham! you have another adddiction.

I have expereince of opoids and although i didnt get addicted, I found them to be creepers. Sly creepers.

Creepers in that a couple of pills could have you out the house doing stuff you didnt feel you could do before, but creepers, in that this is how they creep up on you, and once they have you in their grasp you are up the creek without a paddle.

At least with benzo withdrawal, you get to learn new ways of coping with anxiety, and withdrawal makes you sensitive, which can be a good as well as a bad thing. Good in that you are more sensitive to your surroundings and more aware.

I have it on good authority from an ex-user that after opiate addiction, you have all of those horrible emotions to contend with. At least with benzo withdrawal, the emotions are already there, waiting to be dealt with, and not coming at you from a great height, all at once like opiate withdrawal.
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