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Re: Mentoring - those who are well (or better) reassuring those who struggle.
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The CBD patches I used (and [...] use for pain in my feet - not related to withdrawal) are:
Ameo Entune 16.5mg CBD Patches
You can find them on the internet.
They do NOT have THC in them.

Exercise WAS part of my routine towards the end.  I remember many times trying to exercise and it felt like I was going to pass out.
HOWEVER, I walked CONSTANTLY once I could leave the house.
Walking was SO therapeutic for me.
I would either have headphones in and listen to Audibles on anxiety, etc. or I would talk with one of the few Benzo Buddies I was going through it with.
As I progressed I was able to walk without listening to anything and I would pay attention to the noise of the wind and the birds, etc.
There was a time I couldn't even close my eyes in the shower with feeling completely freaked out, so once that passed I truly enjoyed closing my eyes and listening to nature.
So I would walk down to the lake and sit on the bench and let the sounds and feel of nature sink it.  It was very calming and healing.
There's a LOT to be said about hugging a tree.  LOL!
Before withdrawal I would look at a "tree hugger" and think they were bonkers.
Not any more.
Nature is healing in ways that 95% of humans have NO clue.
Anyway, I digress.
Thank you Fake it.Appreciate so much the time taken to reply to this...
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