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Disagreeing with a moderation decision
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If you feel a moderation decision is unfair or you have general suggestions/feedback to offer the team, there are a number of options available for members to respond, dependent on the circumstances. The team are happy to listen to your concerns but the wider issues of forum-harmony for the majority and thread-integrity take precedence over public complaints and/or derailing of threads.

  • If you’re the member being moderated, the best course of action is to Contact the Team, or PM the moderator with your concerns. Alternatively you may raise the issue in the Feedback section. However, please be aware that if you raise the issue publicly, then a public response may be given by the team. We will not allow protracted, public discussions about an individual case in the thread a moderation action was taken, either by the member concerned or by observers.

  • If you’re an observer to moderation action of another member and wish to raise your concerns, the proper way to do this is to Contact the Team or use PMs, not in the thread concerned or in any other threads. Posts that derail threads may be removed or moved to preserve the integrity of the thread in question.

  • For unmoderated members that wish to discuss moderation in more general terms, not specific cases about other members, you may start a thread in the Feedback section or Off-topic sections of the forum. You may also Contact the Team if you desire privacy.

  • Choosing privacy level via Contact the Team (use the dropdown box):
    • 'Contact Moderators' (default) - Moderators see the ticket.
    • 'Contact Administrators' - Only Administrators see the ticket.
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