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Re: I cannot take the derealization anymore
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[...] I have does uneven doses all the way down to 6mg from 10mg with no problems and those were bigger cuts. I honestly think its because of al the changes i've made. i'm on valium which is very forgiving..and the doses are only slightly different(like a hair) every other week.

But [...], that is no reason not to try it, if something is not working, change it, we have to be willing to try these things, it may well work out really well for you, from a tapering point of view, it makes no sense to dose unevenly, things change as we get lower and these inconsistencies can really make things much harder than they need to be, you NEED to get an even dose going in your body daily so that your brain can adapt without the saw-saw effect...

Can't you see the logic in that? What worked before no longer is working so why not take the advice instead and try it love?

I think it will make a difference, I really do.
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