Author Topic: advice please! Ativan typing, may I use the linear typing method  (Read 142 times)


 I am taking ativan for 3 months, currently dose is 0.75mg/ day. I want to try the linear method  I don't know if  it's good idea of not. Because I am taking the sublingual, it's so hard to dry cut.I really appreciate any advice and experience
Thank you!

My plan is
Week 1   0.5mg ×2 days.    0.75mg× 5 days
Week 2  0.5mg × 3 days.    0.75mg× 4 days
Week 3.   0.5mg ×4 days.    0.75mg× 3 days
Week 4  0.5mg × 5 days.    0.75mg× 2 days
Week 4  0.5mg × 6 days.    0.75mg× 1 days
Week 4  0.5mg × 7 days.   
Week 5  I will follow same schedule alternating 0.5mg and 0.25mg until
Reduce to 0.125mg. then take every other day for 1week, twice 1week,
, once 1 week, then jump.
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