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Rules for the BenzoBuddies Community
« on: November 29, 2022, 05:51:06 pm »
Community Rules:

Updated community rules: Adopted 2022-November-29

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate within the BenzoBuddies community.

  • You may create only one account with BenzoBuddies. You may not share your account or login details with anyone else. If for any reason you need to create a second account (for example, you cannot retrieve the password to your original account), you must inform a forum Administrator immediately upon creating your new account.

  • Do not promote the use of benzodiazepines within the BenzoBuddies community, as this would be contrary to our Mission Statement and the aims of the vast majority of membership.

  • You must not knowingly post false statements, obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, or threatening comments/material to this community.

  • Your contributions to the BenzoBuddies platform must not violate the laws of the United Kingdom or the United States of America.

  • Given the present climate of tribal politics and a broad inability for people to engage in robust but respectful discourse, we do not allow political discussion at this community.

  • Do not post conspiracy theories, disinformation or propaganda to this website.

  • Please do not post profanity - disguised or otherwise - at this forum.

  • If you disagree with a moderation action please read our policy Disagreeing with a moderation decision for further details on permitted methods of recourse.

  • Although we deeply sympathize with those experiencing suicidal feelings or ideation, to protect the sensitivities of the greater majority of our members - and most importantly, for your own safety - discussions and commentary regarding suicide, suicide ideation, self-harm, or threats of self-harm are not allowed at this forum. If you experience such feelings or thoughts, you must contact your doctor or other suitable healthcare practitioner. You will find more information on our Suicide, Self-Harm & Threatening Behaviour webpage.

  • You are not permitted to use this community as a platform to spread general anti-doctor, anti-psychiatry and/or anti-health care professional propaganda. Nor should you name those involved in your healthcare. For more about this policy, please read our Anti-doctor, Anti-psychiatrist and Anti-medicine Comments notice.

  • You may not use the Personal Message (PM) system for withdrawal or taper advice. PMs are primarily intended for moral support, fun, and distraction. Please post your taper plan or withdrawal questions and concerns to the forum boards for wider discussion and feedback.

  • Do not denigrate specific religions, ethnicities or cultures. Do not disparage those of another gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. We are a support group for all those experiencing problems with benzodiazepine use or withdrawal - this is our common bond.

  • Do not use this community to promote or proselytize a specific religious viewpoint.

  • You may not post advertising or promotional content at this forum. Member contributions of helpful, relevant links are welcome and appreciated, but you are prohibited from linking to outside resources for the purposes of selling products, services and/or requests for donations.

  • Be polite towards, and respectful of, your fellow Buddies. We do not tolerate abuse of fellow members.

  • You are not permitted to post your contact details to the BenzoBuddies forum; nor should you ask for the contact information of other members. Links to chat rooms or requests to join Facebook or any other social networking website which might potentially identify members' real-world identities are disallowed.

  • Members of this community are not to be used as research subjects without the express permission of and each and every member/subject who might form part of the study. Members and visitors to the BenzoBuddies website and community are prohibited from compiling data, email addresses or any other personally identifying information of our members, or solicit such information from our members. Where applicable, we will report such rule/ethical infractions to governing ethical bodies.

Suggestions, opinions and/or advice provided by the author of this post should not be regarded as medical advice; nor should it substitute for professional medical care. Consult your doctor before making any changes to your medication. Please read our Community Policy Documents board for further information.