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Re: Aussie Aussie Aussie! 🇦🇺
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Nah, Gold Coast & Sunny Coast are horrible places to live....
[...], stop sharing your bum tanning stories, now all the interstate people want to move here!  ;D

Haha! Everyone is jelly of my brown jelly!

Qld is full of bloody blow ins!!! All of u people stay in ur lanes! Thereís no bloody houses left up here!

Ok hereís some unpleasantries to change their minds.....Look donít move here unless u plan to wear a g string like everywhere.... its a thing ...Also I hope u bring a felt hat and a beard, coz like thatís what everyone has here. Man buns, girls vintage cruisers with a wicker basket (weather ur a boy or a girl) mum jeans (Iíll never understand this trend) bongos, fire twirling sticks and just an attitude that ur so much more woke than everyone else 🙄 actually we donít need anymore wankers here. Weíre full up!

Bess ur in coz u are like, so not that  ;)

Nawwwww thanks lovely!
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