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Re: How did you take Valium RX Liquid, the syrup is, uh, tastes terrible
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Yes, that is very simple.  Thank you. 

But no, my bottle does not have the instructions that it should have, apparently.  I'm sure about that-- not confused on that one.

Thx again.

Just an FYI (for all).

When you get a "re-packaged" (by the pharmacy, not the mfgr), the dosing instructions will be 1) per the Dr, and 2)  per the pharmacy guidelines.  It will almost certainly NOT include all the info provided by the mfgr.  But the complete PDL (and other documents) and original packaging label images are available online. 

Because of professional and legal concerns, docs are generally pretty conservative about Rx any scheduled drug.  Most docs will only Rx 30 days, and often require a revisit for a refill.  So your scrip will almost certainly be a repackage.  Because of my long term relationship with my doc (30+ years), and an established level of trust, he gave me 500ml/500mg (original mfgr packaging) scrips.
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