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ok lets say for simplicity you are taking 1mG. you want to covert this to mL.

Start with a 20ml beaker
using your pill crusher, crush the 1mG pill
place into a container
measure 20 mL of milk
dump 20 mL of milk into same container with crushed pill
shake very well.
Now you [...] 1mG/20mL. do the division and you get 1/20 = 0.05 mG/mL

Now you can use your syringe, pull 20 ml into syringe. dump 1ml into trash.
you just went down 0.05mG
now you are taking 1mG - 0.05mG = 0.95mG

write down the steps and then substitute your numbers in....I wish I could send an excel spreadsheet....

hope this helps
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