Author Topic: How do we know if there is any residual clonazpeam in the jar after consuming it  (Read 1158 times)


I just want to add to what [...] has said about the previous taper suggested by the neurologist. I would be very hesitant to follow such a taper due such high fluctuations in dose.

Another thing I want to mention is there's often a misconception that if you're using liquid you need to do micro tapering. That's not true. I was on liquid and I did both a percentage micro taper and also a percentage cut and hold. Liquid for me was just easier than shaving and filing but you can use different methods with it.

When I had Long Covid and I was sick I did a liquid micro taper of 7.5% every two weeks but I did it by tapering for 7 days, holding 3 days. It essentially reduced my taper rate to 5%/14 days but it worked better for me to have holding days.

I'm just offering different ways of tapering because often when we start out we tend to think more black and white/either or and we're not aware there are lots of different ways to approach it.

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