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Sort Latest Success Stories by Creation Date
« on: June 26, 2014, 09:14:44 pm »

By default, the SMF software lists the various topics according to which have received the most recent replies. It is possible to 'sort' the threads according to 'Subject', 'Started By', 'Replies', 'Views' and 'Last Post (descending is default, but you can select 'ascending'). All you need do is click the appropriate column heading.

What probably would be more useful for the Success Stories board is the ability to list new stories according to the creation date (the date of the opening post), and not by the date of the latest reply (the default view). There is no in-built button (or heading) for you to click, but this is till possible.

If you wish to view the latest Success Stories, click the following URL:;sort=first_post;desc

If you wish to view the oldest Success Stories first, click the following link:;sort=first_post

Please note that Success Stories do not go back to when the forum was first founded. This is because we did not have this dedicated board back then. You will find older reports of success dotted around the forum, particularly in the Archives.

Oh, and FYI, you can adapt those URLs to work with any of the forum boards. Just copy and tag on the parts of the URLs which appear after the board number.
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