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Linking Guidelines
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Updated Guidelines: 2012/12/31

It might not be obvious to most members how links affect this website, our members, visitors, and target sites.

When we post an active link (one that is clickable), the link will help elevate the search engine ratings for the target site. If the target site is of questionable integrity, we do not wish to help promote the site in this way. And, indiscriminate linking to commercial websites only encourages spamming. The target website benefits directly from greater sales, but also a slightly elevated search engine rating with each active inward-pointing link. Active links also create entries in the referral logs of the target site, with the URL of the originating link. This can make it quite obvious to the target website that they are being discussed - this might be a consideration in some circumstances.

Deactivated (non-clickable) links do not improve search engine ratings for the target site. They also are also less suggestive that the target website is being promoted or recommended. Deactivated links (non-clickable links that must instead be copy/pasted to the browser address bar) do not create entries in referral logs. Though, of course, the associated comments and deactivated link (within the post) may still show up in search engines results.

We should also consider the behavior of those reading the post containing the link. Active links are more likely to be clicked, even if visiting the referenced website is unnecessary for the discussion at hand. It takes more effort to copy/paste a deactivated link to a web browser bar.

There are six possible ways members might post links at this forum. Below, are our guidelines for each area. We hope these guidelines will make it easier for members to understand where we draw the line.

  • Posting links within posts. This depends upon the context. If it is a genuine effort to supply information useful to our members, or helpful to the discussion, links are usually permitted. If the link is to a predominantly commercial enterprise selling 'wares' (but still useful/topical), the link should be deactivated.

    Active links to genuine journalistic efforts and most informational sites, even if they carry third-party advertising, are permitted, unless the publication is clearly propagandist in some manner.

    Links to other benzodiazepine withdrawal websites and informational sites are permitted. However, we might regard general links to untargeted or irrelevant information as spammy, and the link likely will be deactivated or removed. But, in the main, contextually relevant useful links to other benzodiazepine withdrawal resources and contextual relevant information are not only allowed, but encouraged.

  • Links via the PM system. Members, of course, can share links and information with each other. However, the unsolicited sending of (active or inactive) links via the PM system normally will be regarded as spam. Members are encouraged to report such occurrences using the Report to Admin facility.

  • Links in signature lines. A single Ticker Tape and associated link are fine. As are links to personal blogs and similar personal sites. Links to what are predominately commercial websites must be approved by an Administrator.

  • Links in forum profiles. Most leniency is allowed in this area. Profiles are viewable only by members, so links here will not help elevate the target website with search engines. There is a specific field, 'Website', provided in your profile where you might add the name of your personal or favourite website. However, any link must not be at odds with our Mission Statement nor bring BenzoBuddies into disrepute.

  • Links in the Chat Room. Links to most websites are permitted, but with similar guidance as outlined in point 4 (above). Links posted in the chat room should be context driven and must not be spammy in nature.

  • Links in the Shoutbox. No links, other than to pages at BenzoBuddies, are permitted in the shoutbox.

Active link:

Active link code: [url][/url]

Deactivated link:

Deactivated link code: [nobbc][/nobbc]

Or, if you'd like to get fancy, using textual links (only applicable to active links):

Textual active link: Have you seen this great website?

Textual active link code: Have you seen this [url=]great website[/url]?

Even with best considered guidance, there still will be occasions where the moderation team have to make a judgment call. Our aim is to prevent spam and links that are not in the genuine interest of our members. Please understand that the nature of this issue necessitates that the moderation team will have to make judgment calls in borderline cases.

Thank you.
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