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Disagreeing With a Moderation Decision
« on: November 28, 2022, 10:08:08 am »
If you feel a moderation decision is unfair or you have general suggestions/feedback to offer the team, how to best approach the team depends upon the circumstances. We will give due consideration to your complaint, but public discussion of specific moderation actions - particularly by those not directly impacted by a moderation decision - are disruptive to the smooth running of the community and are unfair to the team and members involved. Please note that we will not allow protracted, public discussions about moderation actions in the thread where the action was taken, neither by the member concerned, nor by observers.

  • If you are the subject of a moderation action, your best course of action is to use the Help Desk (Contact the Team). Or you may send a Personal Message (PM) the moderator with your concerns. Please be aware that if you instead raise the matter publicly, a public response from the team is likely.

  • If you are an observer to a moderation action affecting another member and wish to raise your concerns, the proper way to do this is via the Help Desk (Contact the Team), or send a PM to a forum Administrator. You should not post to the thread concerned or in any other threads about the matter.

  • For members who wish to discuss moderation policy in more general terms (not a specific moderation action), you might start a thread in the Feedback or Off-topic boards. Or, if you prefer to make your suggestion privately, you might use the Help Desk (Contact the Team).

Thank you observing the above guidelines. We do appreciate your feedback, even if critical.
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