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Procedure for the Deletion of Your BenzoBuddies Account
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Procedure for BenzoBuddies Account Deletion

  • Create a ticket at the Help Desk to request account deletion. (Click the 'POST NEW TICKET' tab).

  • Unless you are a new member, our usual initial response will be to inquire if there is a problem which we can help resolve for you (we find that this is often the case).

  • If we cannot help or resolve a problem for you, and you still wish your account deleted, simply respond to confirm that we should proceed with deletion of your account.

  • In turn, we will respond to confirm your request and slate your account for deletion at our earliest convenience after 48 hours have elapsed from your confirmation message.

If you change your mind about account deletion, login to your account and reply to your Help Desk ticket to retract your request.

If you change your mind and find that your account is already deleted, please create a new account.

When the time comes for you to leave BB, we suggest that you do not delete your account. We find that, for a variety of reasons, many members return months or even years later: they might wish to catch up with old friends, post a Success Story, respond to a personal message notification, etc. Or, occasionally, old members experience new problems with benzodiazepines or related medications. An existing account will assist in the support you receive.

  • Originally, forum members could delete their own accounts through their profiles. However, because of the peculiar effects of benzodiazepine use and withdrawal, we found that the majority of such deletions occurred in haste. More often than not, the member would rejoin and inquire if we could reinstate their original account - this is not possible. To help avoid such disappointment, we disabled the ability for members to delete their own account and introduced the above procedure. As expected, the majority of members do change their mind, thus avoiding the unnecessary loss of a valued account, and its associated forum posts and Personal Messages.

  • Although we normally honour requests for account deletions, there are some very rare exceptions to this (practically, the exception occurs if the administration team are already actively considering banning your account - in such a situation, we will complete our deliberation before considering your request for account deletion - a banned account will not be deleted).

  • (As allowed by the Registration Agreement) we do not remove your posts when we delete your account. However, as a courtesy, we do usually remove your personal support threads (defined as 'Buddie Blogs' and 'Progress Logs') upon request. You must make such requests before your account is deleted.

  • If you do end up creating a new account, to save possible confusion about motives, it would be best to inform the forum Administrators of your return. This is especially true if you left the forum under a bit of a cloud.
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