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Re: Pelvic pain, burning VJ/ prostate, urinary type problems support group
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I go to a PT: internal.was required and as a male I was terrified but it was relieving and when she pressed on trigger points that mimic issues, I was reassured.

Many nerve bundles in pelvic region. Hence 'nervous bladder'... I developed testicular pain along way which TERRIFIED me along with every other symptom: I cannot stress enough the absolute necessity of deep breathing. Constant deep slow calm breaths and it's taken months......a lifetime to master.... Stretching has been necessary too: quadratus lomborous and psoas... Uptown Mike on you tube is a help... breathing and stretching, then strength and's exhausting BUT the good news is: hope!! Nothing scarier for me than these symptoms which mimic prostate / urinary issues.   

If any males want to PM for some guidance, I'm here. I didn't know about this group and may not check back as often....

Good read: headache in the pelvis by wise and Anderson, so e wonderful YouTube channels if you type chronic pelvic pain disorder

Valium spasms, tension,  have made everything discouraging painful awkward for years now but it comes and goes....I know it will be better when I'm valium free but that will be years so breath, stretch, strengthen, foam roller lacrosse ball, fibre diet, exercise, walking is a good one

May God bless you all🙏
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