Author Topic: Just some inspiration about omega 3/6 fatty acids.  (Read 793 times)


Just some inspiration about omega 3/6 fatty acids.
« on: January 27, 2023, 09:11:56 am »
I have been changing my diet. I reduced my intake of omega 6 rich oils. 5 days pr week i dont consume any nitrate or refined vegable/seed oils. I also increased my omega 3 intake from fish oil capsules by a third.
I get a raw vegable shake with buttermilk and herbs every evening. For protein i eat raw eggyolks, cottage cheese and beef liver.
When I snack i eat a mix of carrots, nuts and apples.
I take all my suppliments also. What I noticed after increasing my omega 3 by a third and decreasing my omega 6. Is that alot of my joint pain is gone and my skin got a glow to it, that other people have told me they noticed about me.
I also drink coffee. This is just for inspiration, im not saying its the ultimate diet, but It has helped me. So maybe it can give a few people some inspiration.
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