Author Topic: Aug/22:"Psychiatrist Shares About Tapering Off Multiple Psychiatric Medications"  (Read 341 times)


Here's another short YouTube video from the filmmakers of "Medicating Normal". It features host Angela Peacock discussing the process of tapering of psychiatric medications with New York psychiatrist Dr. Swapnil Gupta.

"Psychiatrist Shares About Tapering Off Multiple Psychiatric Medications"

The following information appears below the video:

Swapnil Gupta, MD (she/her) is a psychiatrist working in NYC. Her main interest is in psychiatric deprescribing or the systematic reduction/ cessation of superfluous medications. She has written papers and a book on the topic and hopes to foster transparent, medication-related conversations between practicing psychiatrists, patients, ex-patients, psychiatric survivors and the lay public.

This clip is an excerpt from the following full interview:

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