Author Topic: Klonopin direct taper vs Ashton method  (Read 424 times)


Klonopin direct taper vs Ashton method
« on: December 31, 2022, 01:43:00 am »
I am still trying to decide how I would approach a taper. I am knowing beyond any doubt I canít use a scale and file and micro cut. Itís just not something I could wrap my mind around.
I have figured out how to do the decrease from 1 mg to 0.5 by using 0.125 tabs and taking a bit off until I get to 0.5 mg. Then Iíd want to slow eventually? Because that would be 5% and is that too fast once getting to 0.3 etc?
The Ashton method is clear cut and looks simple but is it doable?? I think it would be hard to switch from clonazepam to diazepam. Can anyone let me know thoughts? Thank you
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