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This video is part of the "Medicating Normal" YouTube video series. In this clip, host Nicole Lamberton discusses the following topic with Dr. Selma J. M. Eikelenboom-Schieveld, a forensic scientist: "Genetic variations make some people susceptible to violence and suicide on psych drugs". The genetic variations in how individuals react to medications is an important phenomenon for prescribing doctors to keep in mind, but sadly, it's hardly addressed when most people seek help.

The following information about Dr. Eikelenboom-Schieveld can be found immediately below the video:

Selma J. M. Eikelenboom-Schieveld is a forensic scientist at Independent Forensic Services (IFS) in Santa Fe, NM. She received a degree from the College for Social Work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1976, followed by 10 years’ experience in psychotherapeutic treatment. S.J.E graduated from Medical School from the Free University in Amsterdam in 1992. She worked eight years as a resident in surgery, emergency medicine, obstetrics, and internal medicine. From 2000 on, she focused on medical forensics as coroner for the city of Amsterdam and at the Biology Department of the Netherland’s Forensic Institute, the state forensic laboratory. In 2003, she started IFS, with her husband, who is a forensic DNA expert. In 2011 they moved to Colorado, and opened a second laboratory.  Through her forensic medical work, she became interested in a possible association between DNA variants, psychoactive medication and violence. That became the emphasis of her work, leading to a research project with the University of Denver and a PhD in March 2021. In January of 2021 she and her husband moved to Santa Fe, NM.
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