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This video is part of the "Medicating Normal" YouTube video series. Dated October 10, 2022, host Nicole Lamberton asks Dr. Joanna Moncrieff, psychiatrist the following question: "Are There Legitimate Uses for Psychiatric Medications?"

Here is the doctor's bio, taken from the info immediately below the video:

Guest Bio: Joanna Moncrieff, MD is a Professor of Critical and Social Psychiatry at University College London, and works as a consultant psychiatrist at the North East London Foundation Trust. She has been writing about the over-use and misrepresentation of psychiatric drugs since the 1990s and she has also researched and written about the history, politics and philosophy of psychiatry more generally. She is currently leading UK government-funded research on reducing and discontinuing antipsychotic drug treatment (the RADAR study), and collaborating on a study to support antidepressant discontinuation. In the 1990s she co-founded the Critical Psychiatry Network to link up with other, like-minded psychiatrists. She is the author of numerous papers and her books include A Straight Talking Introduction to Psychiatric Drugs Second edition (PCCS Books), published in September 2020, as well as The Bitterest Pills: The Troubling Story of Antipsychotic Drugs (2013) and The Myth of the Chemical Cure (2009) (Palgrave Macmillan).
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