Author Topic: Valium crossover VS switching to liquid Ativan  (Read 712 times)


Valium crossover VS switching to liquid Ativan
« on: October 19, 2022, 10:55:53 pm »
Hi everyone.
As I am 6 days in my Valium crossover (and it doesnít seem a smooth sailing), I am considering a plan B if it doesn't work.
I decided to try the crossover route because I am not able anymore to do cut and hold with Ativan, I am at a too small dose and the steps of 0,01mg are too big for my very sensitive CNS.
I didnít chose to go to liquid because it seems to be very complicated and Iíve heard some people have difficulties to adjust to liquid form.
My question is, what is the safer route, the one that will bring less disturbance for my CNS, the crossover or the liquid A?
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